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Profit Analysis: Determining how profit is best measured for your particular business.  A business can measure profit in many different ways:  by product, by customer, by project, by groupings of any of these.  Looking at these options and setting up tools to measure any or all of them.


Budgeting:  Sorting out and understanding a previous year’s expenses so that a realistic budget can be created for the future.  It’s almost impossible to control expenses without understanding them and seeing them on paper.


Internal Controls: Creating a system for closing out and monitoring each day’s front desk transactions to make sure staff is performing tasks accurately and honestly.


Creating financials:  Finding and setting up simple tools and procedures for tracking income and expenses and, most importantly, helping to determine how the information will be maintained going forward.


Industry Specific Software: Creating a means of combining the data from industry specific software, which generally records income, with expense data which is generally tracked elsewhere.


Cash Flow: Setting up systems for tracking that all credit card revenue flows into your bank account properly.


Expense Tracking:  Utilizing new, cloud based technologies for expense tracking and reimbursement.


Standardization of Procedures: Creating written outlines defining how staff perform various functions.   In order for a business to provide consistent products and have consistent outcomes, employees need specific guidelines to follow.

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