See what Amy’s clients and former employers have to say about her!


“We found tremendous value in having Amy come in and develop systems to make our business run more profitably! — Thank you, Amy, for looking after the health of our business as if it were your own. We are both very grateful for your knowledge and wisdom.”

-Mario and Diane, Impact Dance Studio


“Amy identified our organizational shortcomings. She outlined resources and the steps needed to meet challenges that have held us back. By following her advice I have more time to spend doing the work I love to do. Thanks to Amy my business is stronger, better organized and frankly, more fun!”

-Ann Wiegand, Wiegand Associates


“Business owners, look no further – not only does Amy Goodman provide your business with common sense solutions to operations management, she also writes the manual for your continued success.”

-Kathryn Polansky, President (retired),  ShoreBank Capital


Amy saved our business! When Amy arrived at Oasis, the all-women fitness vision had been established beautifully.  But the business was on the verge of closing because of operational issues:  cash flow was not tracked, products were priced poorly, staff was not utilized productively.  By analyzing and adjusting many different areas of the operations, Amy was able not only to stabilize the business but to oversee its profitable functioning for many years.”

-Kim Freeark, heir to the former owner of  Oasis Women’s Fitness


“I recommend Amy without hesitation. She is not only thorough and competent but a true pleasure to work with! When we opened our first overseas offices, Amy looked at the many challenges that needed to be addressed: documenting the money that we spent and organizing it in a way that allowed us to be reimbursed, following government regulations and requirements, working in countries that used several currencies. She found creative and functional ways to address them all. To make sure that all staff followed the procedures she had established, she created an easy-to-use manual that was so complete and comprehensive it became the standard for all of our international work in dozens of countries being recreated in numerous languages and with multiple currencies.”

-Connie Max, Former Director of Caucasus Programs at Shorebank Advisory Services


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